PRINTS - My prints generally contain several elements that ask the viewer to question the context of their combined meaning. The juxta positioning of these pictorial components hopefully provide the viewer with some surprise and mystery. I want a certain ambiguity to be present so that the viewer will be encouraged to think about the possible narratives. I consciously strive to create images that are potentially laden with meaning but which also have a capacity to generate curiosity. Ideally they pose questions that inhabit the gap between the content of symbols and the context of perception. Their relatively small size invites the viewer to come close and enjoy the always enigmatic circumstance of metaphor and meaning. The digital print processes which I use to create my images provide unique opportunities to manipulate size, texture, color, and transparency; and are unavailable in any other print medium. My prints are created using archival pigment inks and are printed on cotton rag paper in editions of generally ten. I also combine traditional and digital processes.

ARTIST BOOKS - When creating my Artist Books I have been challenged and intrigued by the processes of bookmaking and the aesthetic considerations of form and content necessary for the design and construction of a successful Artist Book. Creating several sequential images within a narrative context is much different than creating a single drawing or print. Consequently my book forms have become multi process combinations of materials, craft, text, and imagery which focus on a particular idea suited to a specific book form.


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