Robert S. Hunter has been making Art since he was a little boy growing up in New Jersey. His first installation piece was a wall of dinosaur drawings he put up in his bedroom at the age of 7 years old. His interest in Art continued through adolescence resulting in a Bachelor of Science degree from James Madison University with a major in Art. He continued his study of Art earning a Master’s degree in studio Art at James Madison University. Mr. Hunter has since done post graduate study at Virginia Commonwealth University, Maryland Institute of Art and Design, the Virginia Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago Savannah College of Art and Design and at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

During the first five years after receiving his Master's degree Mr. Hunter was a practicing artist but then as a favor to a friend he agreed to substitute as a high school Art teacher while his friend recovered from an auto accident. As a substitute teacher he discovered that he liked the energy of the classroom and consequently he returned to James Madison University and completed all the classes necessary to become a certified Art teacher. His first teaching position was at Colonial Beach High School in Colonial Beach Virginia and this is where he remained for 32 years.

As an Art educator Mr. Hunter has been the Va. Art Education Association's Art teacher of the year for the central region of Virginia, a Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Fellow, was selected as a member of the Teacher's Institute of Contemporary Art at the Chicago Art Institute and has published numerous articles in School Arts Magazine and in Arts and Activities Magazine - both professional journals for Art Education. In 2002 he was selected as one of lNG's unsung heroes of American Public Education and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation honored him in 2009 as an individual who makes a difference in student achievement by focusing on “The Power of Art’’.

Currently his artwork has a major digital component which was inspired through his study of digital imaging at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. There he completed 18 hours of course work to earn a post graduate certificate in electronic publishing. During the past 10 years Mr. Hunter has received local, regional, and national awards for his digital printmaking. Now retired from teaching Mr. Hunter is enjoying being a full time practicing artist and has recently begun to investigate the Artist Book art form by hand binding his digital prints to create books. He is finding the combination of craft and technology to be a new challenge, and he is drawn to the opportunities that the Artist Book provides to present an extended exploration of visual and narrative content which is not possible in a single print image.


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